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Troy Brosnan

Starting to ride a bike at the age of two and a half, it was certain that Troy Brosnan was going to be in the cycling scene. Troy was brought into a cycling family with both mum and dad racing road bikes. One year after getting his first bike, Troy was racing BMX and went on racing for another 8 years all over Australia. At the age of 13 is when it all started, being introduced into the sport of Downhill Mountain Bike Riding. Since then Troy has won State Championships, National Championships and in 2010, Troy went on to win the Junior World Championships in Mont St Anne, Canada.
  • Birth-Date: July 13th, 1993
  • Birth-Place: Middlesbrough, Teeside
  • Residence: Adelaide

Danny Hart

My name is Danny Hart, I am a downhill mountain racer from the United Kingdom, I have raced for as long as I can remember on two wheels, weather it be motocross, BMX, cross country, to now downhill. My parents have been a huge support to me over the years, and a lot of the credit has to go to them. My career has taking me to some extraordinary places and it is only getting better with time!

  • Birth-Date: September 20, 1991
  • Birth-Place: Middlesbrough, Teeside
  • Residence: Redcar, Teeside

Chris Kovarik

2010 Australian National Champion and Australian Team Rider for 11 consecutive years. Consistent Top 10 World Cup rider. Numerous World Cup winds and podiums. Record holder of the largest win margin in World Cup Pro Men history.

  • Birth-Date: March 01, 1978
  • Birth-Place: Dandenong, Victoria
  • Residence: Deception Bay, Queensland

Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill is a Scottish street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd, born and raised in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. On April 19th, 2009 the then twenty-three year old released a five-and-a-half-minute street trials video on YouTube set to ‘The Funeral’ by Band of Horses that was to change his life. Filmed by his flatmate Dave Sowerby, the video got a few hundred thousand views over night and as of today has been watched well over 20 million times – the world went crazy for Danny. The video features stunts performed by MacAskill.

  • Birth-Date: December 23, 1985
  • Birth-Place: Isle Of Skye, Scotland
  • Residence: Edinburghz

Steve Peat

World champion, National titles, numerous World cup overalls, Steve has done it all.

  • Birth-Date: June 17, 1974
  • Birth-Place: Chapeltown
  • Residence: Sheffield, England

Greg Minnaar

Describe your goals for 2010: Win World Championships & World Cup Overall and remain injury free.
When did you begin cycling and why? I first started in BMX at 4 yrs of age.  I did motocross for 11 yrs, then motocross went out the window and mountain biking was in. 
Strongest qualities as a racer? Consistency. Strength. Determination.

  • Birth-Date: November 13, 1981
  • Birth-Place: Pietermaritzburg
  • Residence: South Africa

Darren Berrecloth

I have been at this game for over ten years now and I have won my fair share of contests and got burned on a few as well, I've been featured in magazines all over the world. Honestly I really dislike writing about myself so this is a bit of a struggle so bare with me. I am known for being the guy to bring tricks into the big mountain terrain and still am doing a good job of it. My love for the outdoors makes me an avid outdoor sports junkie, whether I am snowmobiling, surfing, fishing, motoxing,rock climbing,  or on my bike to name a few I am always looking for the next fix for my adrenaline  addiction.

  • Birth-Place: Parkville, B.C.
  • Residence: Coombs, B.C.

Jill Kintner

Jill is one of the most dominant female cyclists in the world. With every title in 4x Mountain biking, and BMX; including a Bronze medal from the 2008 Olympic Games, 3 consecutive 4x World titles, and now two consecutive Downhill National Championships in her first 2 years of Downhill, she has prevailed across three disciplines.

  • Residence: Seattle, WA

Sam Hill

Sam Hill - Downhill World Champion! And the inspiration behind the Sam Hill customs.

  • Birth Date: December 04, 2009
  • Residence: Karridale, Western Australia