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Stealth - Climbing and Outdoor

Five Ten made headlines in 1985 when we invented the first approach show (the Five Tennie) with high friction rubber. Then we revolutionised climbing with the development of Stealth rubber on climbing shoes. For the past 30 years, we've led the climbing, hiking and scrambling world with game-changing rubber formulas. Each formula has unique performance  characteristics for specific climbing and hiking conditions. Stealth rubber keeps you on your feet (and toes).


Superior cushioning properties combined with unmatched friction on smooth surfaces (like glass, metal, and polished rock) make this one of the stickiest climbing-friendly rubbers we create. 

ONYXX™ has a hardness-to-friction ratio that cannot be beat, forprecision edging, and exceptional durability.

Tried and true Stealth C4 allows climbers to stick to barely-there edges, lock into smears on microscopic nubbins and cruise up technical terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork.

Throughout the advancement of bouldering and sport climbing, Stealth Hf has helped to unlock the steepest of rock climbs by conforming to even the smallest edges and crystals, allowing athletes to pull with their feet in ways never before possible.

Our most versatile compound used throughout our entire footwear line.  Stealth S1 exhibits an extraordinary balance of high friction and durability with excellent cushioning.  


"The Guide Tennie's are my shoes that I never forget on any adventure. Comfortable and light enough to wear for days, but burly and sticky enough to scale entire climbing routes in. When footing is crucial, I don't trust any other shoe."

SUZ GRAHAM | Five Ten Athlete

"Not many people think of kayaker's needing good footwear but if you're running hard whitewater you are typically surrounded by rough terrain, steep banks, slippery and unstable rocks and class V rapids. A misplaced step could be tragic. That's why I wear Stealth."

DAVE FUSILLI | Five Ten Athlete

"Stealth Rubber is the stickiest most high performance rubber in the world; using anything else is just a compromise. Rubber is your connection with the rocks and there is no better connection than Stealth,"

CEDAR WRIGHT | Five Ten Athlete