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Climbing Athletes


Chris Schulte

My first exposure to climbing was through a National Geographic special featuring some grizzled hard men suffering up some city big wall in a faraway land. Only after I moved to Colorado for my last two years of high school did I find climbing, and I dropped damn near everything else in my life at that moment. I started out climbing everything I could: ice, trad, sport, boulders, mountains... That’s one of the best things about climbing: if you get a little disenchanted with one kind, you can dig into another for awhile. After a few years, I pared it down to bouldering, which for me encompasses all the bits of what I’m looking for in climbing: exploration, a Line, work, travel, investment, and growth. 

  • Birth-Date: August 15, 1977
  • Birth-Place: Bandera, TX
  • Residence: Boulder, CO
  • Carlo Traversi

    Claim to Climbing Fame: 2-Time US Sport Climbing National Champion, 2nd Ascent of The Game V15

    Favorite Climbing Shoe: The Blackwing. No other shoe on the market comes even close to the precision and reliability of the Blackwing. When I know that a foot pick would mean failure, I put on the Blackwing and know that failure is not an option.  Built on the same last as the Dragon, but with a velcro closure.  Makes it easy to pull on and off during a bouldering session.

    • Birth-Date: June 05, 1988
    • Birth-Place: Greenbrae, CA
    • Residence: Boulder, CO

    Ian Dory

    Climbing is my passion and I love every aspect of climbing, bouldering sport climbing, traditional, inside and out. I graduated from Fossil Ridge High School '09.  Other things I like to do besides climb are make music, figuring out mat problems, slack lines, hacky sack, talking to people about climbing.

    I have lived on a farm in Fort Collins CO for ten years, I know how to work hard, stay focused and endure mass amounts of pain. I live in a family of ten people and love every one in it. Living on a farm has taught me how to stay focused,work hard and finish what you start.

    • Birth-Date: July 14, 1990
    • Birth-Place: Fort Collins, Co
    • Residence: Fort Collins, Co

    Gerome Pouvreau

    I discovered and started climbing at the age of 8 years on the West Coast of France in La Rochelle. At 16 years old, I moved to Aix en Provence to climb the cliff around Aix. I do a lot of competitions climbing, I was 10 years in France team, which helped me to win the Senior World Championship to 17 year old and other international competitions. I travel a lot to discover new place to climb, asia is my super playground I have always been dedicated to the cliff, it is my essence of climbing I'm always looking for hard route, I like to exceed my limit, make a good meeting, that's climbing.

    • Birth-Date: October 26, 1983
    • Birth-Place: Trappes, France
    • Residence: La Roque D’Anthéron, France

    Mélissa Le Neve

    I was born in Lyon, France and i have spend the most party of my life in a really flat land: Bordeaux. My family didn't know that climbing was a real sport. All my childhood, i have tried a lot of kind of sport. One day by chance, i discovered a really little climbing gym in the neighbor town and… i started climbing like that! Then, all my life now is around my passion of this sport! And i would to push my limit as extreme as possible and climb everything i can. For the accomplishment: podiums on World cup, 8a+ boulder and 8a flash, 8b+ route.

    • Birth-Date: August 07, 1989
    • Birth-Place: Lyon, France
    • Residence: Aix-En-Provence, France

    Guntram Jörg

    I started climbing in 2006 along with downhill biking and attending a high-level technical school for civil engineering. After I finished school, another distraction from my true passion came along. I was on a bouldering trip in South Africa, and I found out that I was summed to join the military. During the next 6 months of being in the military, I realized that I do not have to live the norm of everyday society..

    • Birth-Date: September 23, 1988
    • Birth-Place: Bregenz, Vorarlberg

    Sachi Amma

    When I was ten years old my parents separated. It was a rough time, but it was also at this time my father took me to my first climbing gym, and my life was instantly changed. I immediately was drawn to the interesting challenges and problems climbing provided. I soon started competing, and was even the second Japanese to win a World Cup Title in 2012. Climbing has allowed me to climb in beautiful areas, like Ceuse in France and Siurana in Spain. In 2014 I’m planning to climb in the states.  

    • Birth-Date: September 23, 1989
    • Birth-Place: Utsunomiya Tochigi, Japan
    • Residence: Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan

    Sasha DiGiulian

    I have been climbing since 1999. On average I train 2-3 hours each day, five days a week. I value athletics and academics equally and in my opinion, an education will always be an integral part of shaping one’s character. The more I climb, the more my excitement for climbing increases. I also wish to impart my love for climbing on others and to watch the sport develop and progress.
    In 2011 I won the Gold medal at the World Championships for female overall and I became the first North American woman to ever climb 9a (5.14d)..

    • Birth-Date: October 23, 1992
    • Birth-Place: Alexandria, VA

    Jimmy Webb

    I began climbing in my hometown of Maryville, Tn. One random day my friend decided to take me to the local climbing gym and instantly I was hooked. Climbing for me since then has become a huge part of my life. It has taught me valuable lessons and without it I don't know where I would be. One of the greatest things I have taken from climbing Is the feeling of giving back. I coach the kids here at our local climbing gym and when I see them progressing it makes me feel great. 

    • Birth-Date: November 07, 1987
    • Birth-Place: Maryville, TN
    • Residence: Chattanooga, TN

    Sonnie Trotter

    Favorite climbing area: Squamish, B.C.
    Claim to fame: Still alive, still happy. 
    Favorite Five Ten shoe: Anasazi Lace-Up, Daescent
    What makes you tick? What makes you climb? I love to be outside. I love to try really hard. I love to look down after I have climbed up, the view is always better.

    • Birth-Date: October 15, 1979
      • Birth-Place: Toronto Ontario Canada
      • Residence: Squamish B.C.Canada

    Steve McClure

    Why do I climb? I’m not strong, I thrive on finding a way, a path through difficulties that don’t rely on strength. I live for the immersion that climbing can give, all thoughts cast aside with only pure movement remaining. I was born in North East England, and with both parents keen climbers there was no escape. I was on the cliff before I could walk! It was all trad climbing, so best taking it slow! I’m into it all now, big walls, trad, sport, bouldering. My route ‘Overshadow’ at 9a+ is still the hardest in the UK, and ‘mutation’ remains unrepeated, my 9a from 1998. But now I’m back into the full spectrum again, mixing it all together. 

    • Birth-Date: July 05, 1970
    • Birth-Place: Teeside, UK
      • Residence: Sheffield

    Nicolas Favresse

    Born and raised in flat country Belgium, I guess I wasn’t meant to be a rock climber. Usually people think I am either crazy or really lucky. It’s probably a bit of both. I am barley ever in my country and always gone to target some climbing destination around the world. My home is my van. My wife is a mandolin. I am doing what love and committed everything to be able to live fully my passion for rock-climbing. Whether it’s a one move boulder problem, a big wall in alpine environment or a fine tune on my mandolin it’s the same. It’s rock and I love it all.

      • Birth-Date: April 07, 1980
      • Residence: My Van

    Dave Graham

    Favorite climbing area: Ceuse, Verdon, Siurana, Ticino
    Claim to fame: I have small muscles, and I find a way
    Favorite climb: Realization
    Favorite Five Ten shoe: Dragon Lace-up
    What makes you tick? Rock Climbing, being in love with traveling, finding new climbing spots, and finding concentration.

      • Birth-Date: November 10, 1981
      • Birth-Place: Portland, Maine
        • Residence: Nomad, No Home. Mostly Spain,