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Outdoor Athletes


Shon Bollock

My first time on the water I was 2 months old. At the end of high school I attended World Class Kayak Academy and my passion exploded from there. In the past few years I have been focusing on expedition kayaking more than the competition scene. This sport has taken me all over the world, but currently I am finishing school in Santa Cruz, CA. I am the main contributor for Shasta Boyz Productions and making videos is the best way to share our adventures. See you on the water.

  • Birth-Date: June 18, 1988
  • Birth-Place: Mt. Shasta, Ca
  • Residence: Mt. Shasta, Ca

JT Holmes

What attracts you to BASE jumping: It is obviously fun to fly in beautiful places and feel the acceleration and speed. Even more than that, it is the journeys in the mountains that keep me coming back. Hiking with friends, and the adventures and challenges that are associated with finding a new place to fly are the biggest allures for me.
Favorite BASE: Bodalsfjellet, in Stryn Norway. 
Favorite Five Ten shoe: Exum Guide.

  • Birth-Date: June 21, 1980
  • Birth-Place: Boston, MA
  • Residence: California

Jesse Hall

A professional big mountain skier from an early age, Jesse’s prodigious skill on skis took him to the top of the podium in the 2005 North American Extreme skiing championships in Crested Butte, CO, and to third place the following year. Jesse has logged more than 1350 BASE jumps. He nabbed 1st place in Norway for the international 2011 ProBASE tracking race, and has enjoyed a decade-long skydiving career. Jesse is also an aspiring paraglider and speed flier.

  • Birth-Date: July 02, 1982
  • Birth-Place: Denver, CO
  • Residence: Salt Lake City, UT

Marshall Miller

Before Marshall Miller was a world-class paraglider pilot, ski BASE jumper, and PRO-rated skydiver traveling the world in search of new unique places to take to the skies, he was an adventurous kid living with a prominent family at the mouth of Utah's American Fork Canyon. Marshall's father is legendary rock climber Kim Miller -- so, in Marshall's family, high-risk activities were a part of normal life. 

  • Birth-Date: February 25, 1978
  • Birth-Place: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Residence: Alpine, UT

Suz Graham

Born in Canada and raised in Salt Lake City, Suz was raised in the outdoor lifestyle. She fell in love with the mountains at a young age, and is an accomplished professional all-mountain skier and BASE Jumper. Suz is one of the most versatile and progressive female action sports athletes in the world- and the only female in the world actively performing ski-BASE jumps. 

  • Birth-Date: October 31, 1986
  • Birth-Place: Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Residence: Salt Lake City, UT

Ellen Brennan

As a young girl Ellen was inspired watching her father flying his paraglider in the skies above her. As she grew older she embraced this passion of free flight as her own and took it to the next level. Whether flying her wingsuit in the mountains, soaring her paraglider or training for her next adventure, Ellen is an incredibly driven athlete. If she is not climbing and jumping from cliffs in Moab, UT, you will likely find her exploring the Alps in her wingsuit. Within the B.A.S.E community Ellen is known not only for her amazing performance but also as a very safe and vigilant individual. 

  • Birth-Date: August 19, 1987
  • Birth-Place: New York
  • Residence: Salt Lake City, UT